ENG10th: 2-04

Автор: | 02.04.2019

SECTION 1: Free Speaking + Discussion

As a group (not a team!) you are going to discuss a question.

  1. Can you sell FUTURE memories?
  2. Do companies sell future memories in OUR days?
  3. HOW do they do this?
  4. Is it for the good or the bad of their clients?

— spend 7 minutes on making up your mind and formulating your position

— discuss the positions of each other

— present YOUR positions in ANY way you find suitable (mind map, comix, meme, poem, comment, story, advertisement, sms, tweet, mind map, picture, comic strip )

SECTION 2: Formal Writing: Letter


Wonderful news! Two days ago I went to the company which I had told you about. «Memo», do you remember? They offer to solve my biggest problem — my feeling of insecurity and hesitation to start anyhting new. 

I think the key to this problem is my school years. At school I was always busy with something else. Something not related to studies. My teachers always said such people would be not be successful in their future lives. I failed many of my school projects and had to change school. 

«Memo» claims they can easily fix this! They replace my old memories with the new ones. Those in which I was successful and popular! Yes they are fake. True. But who cares if it helps, right? What if they chnage my life, Josh? And you know how much I want to be happy.  

I am paying them a visit on Friday. 
Will write back as soon as possible! 
Yours, Ksenia

— write a letter to Ksenia in which you try to persuade her not to replace her memories (alternatively, try to encourage her to do this)

SECTION 3: Formal Speaking: Pictures

task 1

You have three memories to sell to your potential client. 

— Choose one which you believe will be easier to sell (our sales and psychology team has already analysed the preferences and current memories of the clients. They say he/she has shown interest in all of the these)

— Describe what is the memory about. Provide details. Say when and where the memory was taken. 

— Say how this memory can help your client change his life for the better

— Say why you personally would prefer to have such a memory

task 2

Your client is still undecided about which of the two memories to take. 

— Say about the similarities

— Say about the differences

— Say which memory you would choose

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