Active Hall Project

Автор: | 03.04.2019

The school decides to completely renovate one of its floors.

The main aim is to allow students to actively spend their breaks.

The floor will be completely disassembled and your design team can install walls wherever they find needed. However, you should keep in mind, that the total number of students who study in these classes in the lessons has to be THE SAME.

Your task:

  • choosethe activities that will be engaging and healthy for the students. It is important that nost syudents find an activity to their taste and fitness level.
  • design the recreational areа, so that there is enough space for classes and for people to cross the floor 
  • calculate the average cost of the project

Your product:

  • a 3-slides (or just three pictures that can be shown to everyone on the desk)
  • a 3+ minute presentation in which you showcase your ideas (and in which you every member of your team takes part)
  • a drawing which shows the plan of the floor and which has all the elements of the floor labeled (commented: why this element is needed, how much it might cost)


  • 15 min to sketch / think / calculate / look up information on your own
  • 25 min to work together
  • 25 min to present your projects
  • 10 min reflection

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