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— analyse different types of activities

— select the types that are suitable (4 min)

— select the grammar activity that you want to use (the list of activities is below)


— chose roles 

— discuss which activities to take

— decide which equipment you need (you will take it during the break)

— you will have to select the best grammar user / vocabulary expert

— all communication MUST be in English

— you activities must take 10 min


  • how to make everybody play
  • how to account for people who don’t know English very well and can’t think fast
  • how to make sure there are no lags in the game (the flow of the game)


1) Adjectives: superlative
3) Adverbial phrases of time, place and frequency (including word order)
4) Articles with countable and uncountable nouns
5) Nouns: plurals
6) Much / many
7) Future Time (will and going to)
8) Common verbs that require -ing forms and infinitives
9) Imperatives
10) Modals: can/could
11) Modals: have to / must
12) Modals: should / should not
13) Past continuous 
14) Past simple (including irregular verbs)
15) Common phrasal verbs
16) Possessives: use of ‘s, s’
17) Prepositions of place
18) Prepositions of time
19) Present continuous
20) Present perfect
21) General and special questions (present simple, past simple, present continuous, past continuous, future simple)
22) Zero and 1st conditional


Answer the following questions in your own words:

  1. Which activity was the most useful in your opinion? What made it so? How did it develop you personally?
  2. Which (not organised by you) activity was organised the worst? Why? How can it be fixed?
  3. How well have you realised your potential (creativity/use of English /organisational/conversational skills)?
  4. As for your participation, what should have been done better/differently?
  5. Did you just read the instructions or did you try to motivate and encourage people to play? How did you do that?
  6. Did you try to make the game enjoyable for as many people as possible? How?
  7. When you were a participant, did you try to play the game as fully as possible? Do you feel you tried to use English as much as possible when playing and when explaining the rules to the others?


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