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EGE sent: She claimed that she was a nice person, but I knew better! translation (ENG — RUS) (claim = утверждать) definition (ENG — ODO) (claim =  to say that something is true although it has not been proved and other people may not believe it. (c___) ) usage (recognize) (SENTENCE dict) (claim = The… Читать далее »


The graph shows how the populations of India and China have changed since 2000 and how they will change in the future. In 2000, there were more people living in China than in India. The number of Chinese was 1.25 bill ion, while India’s population was about 1 billion. Between 2000 and the present, there… Читать далее »

ENG11th: Learning apps

>> HERE Criteria: challenging (1-5) (too simple 0 — 5 made you think) >> WHAT to WRITE >> HOW to WRITE


THINKING — analyse different types of activities — select the types that are suitable (4 min) — select the grammar activity that you want to use (the list of activities is below) PREPARING — chose roles  — discuss which activities to take — decide which equipment you need (you will take it during the break)… Читать далее »