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ENG8th -замены-

put smb’s mind at ease = to relax EXTRA TASK, choose and complete AS MANY AS YOU WANT: Write a TITLE (only!) for a SCHOOL MAGAZINE for an article which discusses how little sleep damages psychic health of students Imagine, that these small speeches were given at some CONFERENCE, and you are a MOTHER of… Читать далее »

Speaking (reflection)

— if you are the LISTENER (FACTUAL question) What new have you learned from the presentation? (2-3 sent) (the art of PRESENTING) How did the speaker try to make the presentation interesting/interactive for you? (2-3 sent) (REAL-LIFE connection) How can the presented information change your behaviour? (2-3 sent) — if you are THE SPEAKER WHO… Читать далее »

grammar REVISION

-ed/-ing adjectives EXERCISE 1, EXERCISE 2, EXERCISE 3, EXERCISE 4, EXERCISE 5, EXERCISE 6 common prepositions EXERCISE 1, EXERCISE 2, EXERCISE 3 final test Adjectives final test, Letter writing


QUESTIONS: How do you usually feel in such situations? What events make you feel the opposite? What should I do? ASK: Ask Andy about his presentation.