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QUESTIONS: How do you usually feel in such situations? What events make you feel the opposite? What should I do? ASK: Ask Andy about his presentation.

ENG 20_12

Self-reflection: Success >> OPEN ME HERE << VOCABULARY revision: Dying languages VOCABULARY revision: Success EMOTIONS a summary (150 words) plan important words (as quizlet) questions to check if the listeners understood your point —

ENG 17_12

Grammar: SECOND CONDITIONAL (only) >> HERE 1 >> HERE 2 >> HERE 3 Grammar: SECOND CONDITIONAL (advanced) >> HERE 1 >> HERE 2 Grammar: SECOND CONDITIONAL (speaking) >> HERE 1

ENG 9_12

Sullivan, inseparable, Norway, applause, bachelor, chose (slip), disciplined, absentminded, cafeteria, bankrupt, relatives, world, Encouraged, south, official, doubt, France, devote, government, imaginative, except, author, Brazil, certificate, companies, prison, imaginative, Jeweler, kindness, others, cafeteria, events, producer, impressed, Genius, encouraged, programs, australia, south, Island, Japan, official, France, doubt, cafe, course, imaginative, except, author, JK Rolling, Master, actress, succeeded,… Читать далее »

ENG 3_12

The links to try out your skill >> TEST 1 << >> TEST 2 << >> TEST 3 << _________________________________ >> the file <<